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My way

My clients tend to call consulting sessions with me as an „experience“. Is it, because I can in fact listen to him or her? And also, because I can feel what he or she is talking about? Go and make your own experience! People tend to open up when talking to me, which leads to new insides. Why is that important?

In many branches, new markets, new competitors, new sales and trading channels – change- challenge the management. Companies search for candidates who are familiar with their branch, but also for new comers who bring fresh ideas to an organization or have exactly the soft skills that are needed for change management. Due to digitization and new technologies (plattforms, block chain, smart home, smart meter, etc.) organizations become lean. New work methods long for new type of management. New leaders need agile methods as forerunner for self-organized work. Personality is what counts.

Here comes my ability to discover great personalities: Not every objectively qualified candidate is really the right fit for your organisation or your stake holders in terms of culture and attitude. Every branch has its own needs. Due to my knowledge of your branch and my network, I know who to contact.

It’s all about personality!

Here comes my approach.

Just click and find out.

1 Getting to know each other

A trustful relationship is the basis for a good search project. My business is founded on long relationships with my clients – they value my point of view as a third party, my honesty when I reflect on them, and my reliability.

2 My offer

According to what we have agreed on, I send you an offer that meets your individual consulting support.

3 Scoping

It is essential for the outcome and the success of our cooperation that all conditions are clear and well defined for both parties. As a prerequisite for a successful placement, knowing you organisation and your structure, the company’s strategy and its management, is key to my work. Also, we do have a closer look on your market. Only if I know your market setting and my understanding is clear, the project may evolve.

4 Job profile

The company’s analysis is part of the job profile, which is the “working paper” for you and me. It describes exactly what we were talking about. Therefore, it is not meant for candidates, because it gives details such as names of potential candidates.

5 Job description

It is a “hand out” for candidates who I get in contact with. It is also useful for job adverts.

6 Ident and direct search

Already when talking about the vacancy, I usually get an idea who I should give a call on short notice. My long time network is extremely helpful here. I get good advice and hints from people who I trust. Of course, I also use social networks and databases in the internet.

7 Application management

Being responsive and reachable is not only important for you, but also for candidates. As a service provider, both you and the candidates are customers to me. You can get easily in touch with me, a fact that is highly appreciated by both my clients and all candidates.

8 Preselection

I take the education and the career steps into consideration, as well as the professional level of an application or a first phone call. Most importantly, however, are the references I get from my network.

9 First interview

I personally meet the “best of” candidates to get a feeling for them. I prefer a relaxed atmosphere and an open exchange of information and thoughts. It is a matter of trust, but also of motivation, aims, and ambitions. At the end, both I and the candidates must be able to make a decision to go on or not.

10 Advisory opinion

After I have made up my mind about a candidate and I am positive about him or her, I will write my advisory opinion in a report. You get all information about his academic and professional career plus my personal impression. It is a good preparation for your first meeting with the candidate.

11 Presentation

You meet your prime candidates for the first time and get your personal impression. I am the moderator and observer. In projects for authorities I am the guarantor of process hygiene. I keep an eye on the comparability and equal treatment in the selection process. After the candidates have left, I consult you in the decision making process.

12 Consulting

Together, we reflect the interviews and the impressions

In Nachgang zu den persönlichen Gesprächen mit potenziellen Kandidaten stehe ich Ihnen beratend zur Seite und reflektiert Ihre gewonnenen Eindrücke aus den Gesprächen nochmals mit Ihnen, damit Sie die richtige Entscheidung treffen können. Sobald klar ist, mit wem Sie den Weg gehen wollen, berate ich Sie und den Kandidaten während der sensiblen Phase der Angebotslegung des Arbeitsvertrages.

13 Long term relationship

After the candidate has signed the working contract, my work is done. However, my service does not end here. I am still there to support you and your candidate in the onboarding period. My aim is to keep all parties satisfied, my work is sustainable.

14 Guarantee

This is why you can call me anytime, if things should develop unexpectedly. Within the first 12 months, whether you give notice, or your chosen candidate hand in his or her notice, I will replace the new vacancy without charging you a fee for my work.

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