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Need a leader or manager? We should talk then!

In Germany for German and international companies.

For utilities or the waste management industry, for multipurpose supply companies (public pools/public transportation), for ministeries, for communities, for the public service. Or for start-ups, subsidiaries of international companies that plan to find a representative in Germany.

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A good relationship is the basis for working together well.

Utilities, waste management, chemical industry

Utilities: Trading, sales, marketing, production, grids, overheads, public transportation
Waste management: Trading, sales, marketing
Chemical industry: Trading, sales, marketing
My consulting services support you along your value chain.

Ministeries and Public Services

Communities, owner-operated municipal enterprise, public-law institutions, public-private-partnerships, affiliated companies

Market entry

Ready to conquer the German market? Establish a successful business with a German manager with international experience? human lead supports your soft landing by searching the suitable sales representative or managing director.

Appraisals and advisory opinion

Who is the right choice, the perfect match? How do I find out about the competencies of a candidate which are important for his or her leading role in my organization? How do I avoid a bad decision? How do I analyze the dynamics in a team? I would love to explain my scientifically based method of appraising candidates.

Out of the box – change your perspective

I like to think “loud” in order to develop open mindedly new ideas with my clients. While going through this process, you really get to know and value each other. This is the right approach to solving a daily challenge or to decision making. It helps to see a situation from a different perspective. Do you have a similar approach? Or would you like to try it?

I invite you to an “out of the box” session.

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