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Across All Sectors: Women in Management Positions

The advantages of gender-balanced executive committees and teams have long been proven­­­. It is not the "voluntary agreement" and commitment of companies­­­ that lead to a higher proportion of women at management level, but rather real experience of the benefits of mixed teams and the direct positive effect it has on the climate, motivation, and culture within the company­­.

Women can break away from familiar male routines and old structures. They communicate and network differently. To the benefit of the company, this creates a new impetus for future-oriented development.

In view of the demographic change, companies are well advised to train and develop both men and women as managers. For the younger generation, it is important to have female role models in senior management, to provide young women with a perspective.

human lead advises companies on recruiting women in management positions­­­­, and on work life balance, thus establishing the perfect mix within your management and teams.