human lead

Transport & Logistics

human lead's head office is located in the vicinity of Germany's second ­­ largest universal port, consisting of Bremen and Bremerhaven. This provides direct contact to companies involved in port management, logistics and supporting logistics services.

In the past few years, Bremerhaven has become the centre of Bremen's ports, as one of the largest transhipment points for motor vehicles and containers in Europe. The ports in the city state of Bremen also play an important role in international transportation and logistics for general cargo and bulk goods.

We do not only have many years of experience in human resources consulting in the field of transportation and logistics, we are also familiar with the new requirements­ ­­­within this industry, which are forced to change continuously due to market developments. Using our knowledge of the na­tio­na­l market, we assist companies in selecting their management and experts.

The human lead team has recruited for:

  • Public transport
  • Port management/sea freight, supply and mechanical engineering companies
  • Service companies in transportation/logistics