human lead

Energy & Waste

From liberalisation in 1998 up until today, the energy industry has experienced considerable development along its value chain. Whereas po­si­tio­ns in distribution and sales­ were initially staffed by career changers from other sectors, the range of specialisation have increased significantly over time­. Today, employees who can develop and actively shape the business ­­are in demand. So-called "soft" skills such as change mana­­ge­ment, communications skills and interface management have clearly become important. In addition to this, the digitization of the energy ­­industry­ provides for a vivid and growing start-up fauna. Smart executives in the energy industry of today and tomorrow require multiple specialist and personal skills, in order to master the transformation of the energy system, increasing regulations, the internationalization of the market and the networking with other industries. To the same extent, your expectations on us as a HR­­­­­ consultancy for the energy sector have increased.

Imke Hellmanns, the managing partner of human lead, has been consulting the energy sector ever since the liberalisation of the market in Germany started.­ An ever-growing network of businesses and candidates forms the basis for decades of successful cooperation with ener­gy­­­ suppliers of all sizes and internationally established big companies as well as their subsidiaries and service providers throughout Europe. By recruiting for positions along the entire value chain, human lead has gained a wealth of experience throughout the whole of Germany and in Switzerland, Denmark­­, Italy, France, the UK and the Netherlands.

Because of the former company proximity to the coast, the field of renewable energies (and wind energy in particular) are a major focus of our consultancy services. I am also active along the entire value chain and recruit for financial and technical positions in leadership and management (project management, planning, financing, construction, operations and site management).