human lead


What are our placements? An excerpt from our reference list provides an overview:


  • CEO (m/f) utility
  • CEO (m/f) waste for municipal organisation
  • Managing Director (m/f), ship and machinery systems
  • Managing Director (m/f) / Operations Manager (m/f), public traffic operations
  • Managing Director (m/f), energy industry
  • Managing Director (m/f), retail trade in automotive spare parts
  • Managing Director (m/f), energy industry
  • Managing Director (m/f), social municipally-owned business
  • Managing Director (m/f), cavern operation company owned by an international joint venture
  • Managing Director (m/f), e-mobility

Commercial Directors, Purchasing, Finance and Controlling

  • Commercial Director (m/f), event management
  • Commercial Director (m/f), food production
  • Commercial Director (m/f), insurance industry
  • Call Centre Director (m/f), national association
  • Head of Purchasing (m/f), semiconductor industry
  • Head of Employer Branding (m/f), communications
  • Head of Finance and Controlling (m/f), waste water company
  • Head of Finance and Controlling (m/f), manufacturer of feed additives
  • Director of Regulation Management (m/f), energy industry
  • Trading Floor Director (m/f), energy industry
  • Department Head for Invoicing and Customer Service (m/f), energy industry
  • Divisional Manager (m/f) Claim/Contract Management, offshore energy industry
  • Controller (m/f), energy industry
  • Treasurer (m/f), cotton trade

Sales, Purchasing, Marketing and Public Relations

  • Sales Director (m/f), energy industry
  • Head of Trading (m/f), energy industry
  • Head of Technical Sales (m/f), ship and machinery systems
  • Head of Sales and Business Development (m/f), aviation industry
  • Head of Press and Public Relations (m/f), Energy Industry
  • Communication and Public Relations Officer (m/f), tax consultancy/auditing firm
  • Senior Account Manager Dialogue Marketing (m/f)
  • Team Manager Dialogue Marketing/Sales in the Service Centre (m/f), German association
  • Various Key Account Managers (m/f), energy industry
  • Energy traders for various energy suppliers (m/f), energy industry
  • Sales Engineer (m/f), ship and machinery systems
  • Corporate business development in various sectors

Technology Industry

  • IT Director, public entity
  • IT Manager (m/f), civil engineering and pipeline construction
  • Divisional Manager / cable engineer / networks (m/f), offshore energy industry
  • Project Manager (m/f) / mechanical engineer (m/f), offshore energy industry
  • Applications engineer (m/f), information technology
  • Ships engineer (m/f), insurance industry
  • Specialist (m/f) IT process development and integration in the virtual power plant, energy industry
  • Software engineer (m/f), automotive industry
  • Interface and risk manager (m/f), offshore energy industry
  • Deputy manager at a cavern operation company (m/f), energy industry
  • Health/Safety/Environment Manager (m/f), offshore energy industry

Human Resources

  • Human Resources Manager (m/f), manufacturer of feed additives
  • Human Resources Manager (m/f), public entity
  • HR Business Partner (m/f), Telecommunications

Legal and Tax Consultation

  • Legal advisor (m/f), energy industry
  • Lawyers (m/f), also as partners, tax consultancy/auditing firm and law firms
  • Tax consultant (m/f), also as partners, tax consultancy/auditing firm
  • Auditor (m/f), also as partners, tax consultancy/auditing firm