human lead

Human Resources Consulting

As an entrepreneur or manager, you have to make many decisions. Some are easy to make, others to a lesser extent. In these situations, a neutral perspective from the outside can be very helpful. Based on many years of experience in human resources, I will gladly support you with decision-making and I am available to offer competent advice.

In addition selecting personnel. I also advise our clients on related topics:

  • job descriptions
  • remuneration
  • innovative development of HR departments
  • bringing HR strategy in alignment with strategy, organisation and processes
  • training and development of leadership skills
  • developing tailor-made HR products and processes
  • designing tailor-made development programmes
  • reflecting on leadership style and behaviour
  • reflecting on the professional roles within the organisation
  • personal development
  • interim HR management
  • managing projects and planned changes efficiently 
  • planning and implementation of restructuring
  • HR due diligence in transactions