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Imke Hellmanns – Founder, Human Resources Expert

Imke Hellmanns founded human lead in Bremen in 2011. She has 20 years of experience in internal and external human resources consulting.

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    Her strength is providing support for management functions and management tasks by advising companies and their leaders. As an experienced consultant, she efficiently supports her clients throughout the recruitment process. As a qualified lawyer, she accurately analyses the company and the circumstances of the position, in order to place the candidate that best fits that position. In the case of technical profiles, she does not only have the required expertise, but also a genuine interest. As someone who started her own business, she has a particular interest in recruiting key players for start-ups.

    On the one hand, Imke Hellmanns consults energy supply companies and service providers along the value chain in both the conventional and renewable fields. In the municipal and public services sector, the main focus of her work is on the impartial, solution-oriented moderation and management of search mandates with regard to heterogeneous supervisory boards and selection committees.

    On the other hand, she consults small and medium-sized enterprises on searching for successors and on filling key positions or advisory boards. Here, she consults across all sectors, which she sees as an advantage for her clients, as one can learn from the best.

    Clients appreciate her judgment and clarity, her humour, and her ability to consult with purpose and understanding.

    From 2012 to 2017, Imke Hellmanns has been a active member of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce. She holds two supervisory board mandates in the areas of health and banking.

    Imke Hellmanns is married with three daughters. She is an enthusiastic rower and, as a native Bavarian, loves hiking in the Alps.